Size Guide

  1. Head Circumference: Measure around the forehead and across the fullest part at the back of the head.
  2. Neck Size: Measure around the base of the neck.
  3. Shoulder Width: Measure across your back from one shoulder-tip to the other.
  4. Chest/Bust Girth: Measure around the body under the armpits and across the widest part of the chest. Keep arms loose at the sides.
  5. Underbust: Measure around the body over the ribs. Keep arms loose at the sides.
  6. Waist Size: Measure around the body over the navel, making sure that the tape measure is sitting loosely and not too tight.
  7. Arm Length: Measure from the shoulder tip to the wrist. Keep arms in a “V-shaped” angle.
  8. Hip Size: Measure around the body across the widest part of the buttocks.
  9. Hand Circumference: Measure around the palm of the hand.
  10. Leg Length (Inseam): Open the legs in a slight “V-Shaped” angle and measure along the inside of the leg from crotch to ankle.
  11. Leg Length (Trouser Height): Start at your waist and lay the measuring tape along the side of your leg, down your thigh to the base of the ankle.
  12. Body Height: Standing straight up, take the height from highest point of the head to the sole of the feet. This measure is occasionally used for estimations.
  13. Shoe Size: Measure along the inner feet, from the back of the heel to the tip of the toe.